Tratto Torino - il ristorante per cene e aperitivi a torino


Tratto Restaurant

We named it Tratto for many reasons, and one of them is that we want to write a new story: ours. We offer a cuisine that starts from a traditional and territorial base, drawing from the great gastronomic richness of Turin, Piedmont, and all of Italy. We rework classic recipes without distorting them, making them our own with creativity and sometimes a hint of madness.

We want Tratto to be a place for everyone. A restaurant, of course, but also a venue for gourmet aperitifs. Our menu is extremely versatile, consisting of simple dishes as well as more structured recipes, excellent for a tasting journey to discover different flavors, but also for a refined aperitif with many small dishes.

Il menu del ristorante tratto di torino

Tratto Torino - aperitif and dinner

The Menu

Our menu consists of meat and fish dishes, both raw and cooked proposals, all characterized by a deep respect for high-quality ingredients and the territory. We have selected products from all over Italy, including sought-after cheeses and cured meats, bread and baked goods, vegetables and meats, always ensuring freshness and variety. Our menu is linked to seasonality and may undergo variations depending on market offerings, which often inspire the creation of new dishes.

Tratto Torino - wine shop / winery

Our Wines

Our wine list is designed to offer quality and variety. We offer both prestigious labels and niche bottles, renowned producers and small artisanal wineries.
We range from Italy to France, with a rich selection of Champagne, not forgetting other countries historically devoted to viticulture. Many of our offerings are available by the glass, to accompany your aperitifs or to offer you many possibilities for different pairings during dinner.